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Set of various HTML parsers.
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

[docs]def apply_linebreaks(text): """ Convert python-style linebreaks to a html-style ones. :param text: text with python-style linebreaks. :return: text with html-style linebreaks. """ line_break = "<br>" return text.replace("\n", line_break)
[docs]def apply_paragraphs(text): """ Apply html-style paragraphs to the text. :param text: text with python-style or no paragraphs. :return: text with html-style paragraphs. """ paragraph_start = "<p>" paragraph_end = "</p>" text = paragraph_start + text + paragraph_end text.replace("\n\n", paragraph_end + paragraph_start) return text
[docs]def embed_images(content, image_urls): """ Embed img tag with image url into the html content. :param content: html text. :param image_urls: url to the image or list of urls. :return: content with img tag embedded. """ line_break = "<br>" separator = 2 * line_break if isinstance(image_urls, str): image_urls = [image_urls] image_urls = ["<img src='{}' >".format(image_url) for image_url in image_urls] return content + separator + separator.join(image_urls)
[docs]def delete_images(content): """ Remove all the img tags. :param content: html text. :return: content with img tags removed. """ parser = BeautifulSoup(content) for img in parser.find_all("img"): img.replace_with("") return parser.prettify()
[docs]def list_images(content): """ Extract and list all images in a html text. :param content: html text. :return: list of image urls. """ return [img.get("src") for img in BeautifulSoup(content).find_all("img")]
[docs]def extract_text(content): """ Get all plain text from a html document. :param content: html text. :return: plain text. """ parser = BeautifulSoup(content) convert_linebreaks(parser) return parser.get_text().strip()
[docs]def convert_linebreaks(parser): """ Converts all html-style linebreaks to the python-style ones. :param parser: beautiful soup parser. """ for break_line in parser.find_all("br"): break_line.replace_with("\n")