Source code for pisak.symboler.handlers

Signal handlers specific for the symboler application.
import subprocess
import configobj

import pisak
from pisak import signals, dirs

[docs]def load_main(data_source): """ Load main content of the symboler, that is table of contents and then all the categories. :param data_source: source of the data for the pager. """ data_source.load_main_view()
def _get_saved_entries(): """ Get all previously saved symbols entries. """ return configobj.ConfigObj(dirs.HOME_SYMBOLS_ENTRY, encoding='UTF8') def _save_entry(name, entry): """ Save the given entry. :param name: title of the new entry. :param entry: chain of symbols to be saved. """ entries = configobj.ConfigObj(dirs.HOME_SYMBOLS_ENTRY, encoding='UTF8') entries[name] = entry entries.write() @signals.registered_handler("symboler/save")
[docs]def save(pop_up): """ Save the current symbols buffer. Open a dialog window. :param pop_up: dialog window. """ def do_save(entry, symbols): _save_entry(entry, symbols) entry_overwrite_message = "WYBIERZ PLIK DO NADPISANIA" empty_entry_box_message = "BRAK SYMBOLI DO ZAPISANIA" save_success_message = "POMYŚLNIE ZAPISANO PLIK:" entry_name_base = "plik nr " entries_limit = 9 pop_up.mode = "save" entry_box = entries = _get_saved_entries() symbols = entry_box.symbols_buffer if symbols: if len(entries) < entries_limit: name = entry_name_base + str(len(entries)+1) do_save(name, symbols) message = save_success_message + "\n\n" + '"' + name + '"' pop_up.on_screen(message) else: pop_up.on_screen(entry_overwrite_message, entries) pop_up.overwrite_entry = do_save else: pop_up.on_screen(empty_entry_box_message)
[docs]def load(pop_up): """ Load one of the previously saved symbols chains. Put the symbols inside the entry. Open a dialog window. :param pop_up: dialog window. """ entries_present_message = "WYBIERZ PLIK" no_entries_present_message = "BRAK PLIKÓW DO WCZYTANIA" pop_up.mode = "load" entries = _get_saved_entries() if entries: pop_up.on_screen(entries_present_message, entries) else: pop_up.on_screen(no_entries_present_message)
[docs]def text_to_speech(entry): """ Read the text loud. :param entry: symbols entry. """ text = entry.get_text() if text: subprocess.Popen(["milena_say", text])
[docs]def backspace(entry): """ Delete the last symbol from the entry. :param entry: symbols entry. """ entry.delete_symbol()
[docs]def clear_all(entry): """ Clear the whole entry. :param entry: symbols entry. """ text = entry.clear_all()
[docs]def scroll_left(entry): """ Scroll the entry content left. :param entry: symbols entry. """ if len(entry.scrolled_content_right) > 0: entry.scroll_content_left()
[docs]def scroll_right(entry): """ Scroll the entry content right. :param entry: symbols entry. """ if len(entry.scrolled_content_left) > 0: entry.scroll_content_right()