Source code for pisak.viewer.model

Photo library management center.
import os.path
from pisak import dirs, media_library

    ".jpg", ".jpeg", ".png", ".bmp", ".gif"

LIBRARY_DIR = dirs.get_user_dir("pictures")

FAVOURITE_PHOTOS_STORE = os.path.join(dirs.HOME_PISAK_FAVOURITES, "favourite_photos.ini")



[docs]def get_library(): """ Retrieve the photo library. Library is loaded just once and then is stored as a module-level variable. :return: library. """ try: library = _LIBRARY_STORE[LIBRARY_DIR] except KeyError: library = media_library.Library(LIBRARY_DIR, ACCEPTED_TYPES, FAVOURITE_PHOTOS_STORE, FAVOURITE_PHOTOS_ALIAS) library.include_favs() _LIBRARY_STORE[LIBRARY_DIR] = library return library