pisak.speller package

pisak.speller.description module

pisak.speller.documents_manager module

Module for managing text documents created with speller application and database dedicated to them.

pisak.speller.documents_manager.DOCUMENTS_DB_PATH = '/home/alex/.pisak/databases/documents.db'

Path to database related to text documents

pisak.speller.documents_manager.DOCUMENTS_DIR = '/home/alex/Dokumenty'

Path to system’s default documents directory

class pisak.speller.documents_manager.Document(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: sqlalchemy.ext.declarative.api.Base

Class representing a row in the documents table in the database.

A simple constructor that allows initialization from kwargs.

Sets attributes on the constructed instance using the names and values in kwargs.

Only keys that are present as attributes of the instance’s class are allowed. These could be, for example, any mapped columns or relationships.

pisak.speller.documents_manager.FILE_NAME_BASE = 'text_file_no_'

Common base for text documents’ files’ names

pisak.speller.documents_manager.FILE_NAME_EXTENSION = '.txt'

Extension of files’ names

pisak.speller.documents_manager.add_document(name, path)[source]

Insert new document related record to the database. Return path in the file system to the new document.

  • name – name of the new document.
  • path – path to the new document.

Generate path for the new document file.

Returns:path for a text document.

Return all records from the database which are pointing to the existing files in the files’ system.


Check if document with the given path is already in the database.

Parameters:path – path to the document file.

Remove record from the datatabse pointing to the not existing file.

Parameters:path – path column of the requested to delete record.

pisak.speller.handlers module

pisak.speller.widgets module

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